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what trek suits you?

Signature Trek

6 days/5 nights

The best of Swedish Lapland!

Our most famous trek. Set in the wilderness surrounding the King’s Trail, this hike takes six days and five nights to complete. It is the ultimate Swedish hike. Giving you the best scenery and most varied experience.

Weekend Trek

3 days/2 nights

Introduction to Swedish Lapland!

Lots of wilderness and solitude packe into three days and two nights. Set around Abisko (the northern starting point of the King’s Trail). This hike takes you through the World Heritage Laponia Gate. A great hike if you have less time.

Custom Trek

How many days do you want to hike?

You decide!

How much time do you have? What challenge do you seek? Maybe start the hike with a helicopter drop in the wilderness? Let’s sit down and create the perfect Swedish Lapland hike for you and your group

Contact us!

about Nord Nature

Our goal is to make the treasure of the Swedish northern wilderness around the famous King’s Trail (Kungsleden) – accessible to you in an as simple and convenient way as possible.

The only thing you need is proper clothing and shoes. When hiking Sweden with Nord Nature everything is included: our personal guiding through the best of the Swedish mountain world and all hiking and safety equipment.

We also keep you satisfied and not hungry – all meals are included and are carefully planned to give you the energy you need. We provide no boring freeze-dried meals. We work with our own dried ingredients and are proud to offer the best tasting food available this far outside civilization.

A vacation with Nord Nature gives you lots of energy and mental recovery to enable you to perform at your maximum when returning from your vacation.

what do our guests say?

I had high expectations on the six day trek, but was very impressed despite that. The wilderness was fantastic and just the fact of being outside with no mobile phone connection for six days was the best mental battery charger I have experienced. The food, service and equipment was superb!

Joel, Stockholm

What an experience! I am so impressed that we have this amazing nature in Sweden. Nord Nature delivered a top notch trek that I will never forget.

Henrik, Järfälla

What a feeling to be without cell phone in the wilderness! The combination of physical activity, wonderful nature and the fabulous service Nord Nature provided was fantastic. They found the most beautiful camp sites, fed us, made the dishes and made sure we could concentrate on the experience. Thanks!

Jenny, Stockholm

One of my absolute biggest experiences! I have been on many wonderful trips around the world, but didn’t know that Sweden offered this kind of adventure. Why go to Alaska when we have the Swedish mountains much closer? I am bitten!

Pia, Sundbyberg

I had though about hiking Swedish Lapland, but did not want to go by myself. I am so happy I join Nord Nature’s Signature Trek. Now I feel that I have the knowledge and confidence to go out into Swedish Lapland by myself. Thanks Nord Nature!

Martin, Göteborg

contact us!

If you want to make a booking or just have some questions – email us at info@nordnature.se.


What experience do I need before going on a trip with you?2015-05-02T04:03:54+00:00

None really. The thinking behind our concept is to guide everyone who is interested to get out in the Swedish mountains without too much preparations. You need a fairly good stamina and an open mind.

How fit do I need to be?2015-05-02T04:00:41+00:00

You need to be in a healthy condition. What do we mean by that? Well, we will walk with packs on our backs for an aggregate of 4 to 6 hours per day. Sometimes in difficult terrain and uphill. Be prepared that you will at times feel out-of-breath and really tired, but if you are in normal physical condition you will make it.

How do I prepare?2015-05-02T03:56:31+00:00

All types of cardio training is good. Trekking is more about endurance than explosiveness so long runs or walks are great ways to prepare. We recommend you to wear your boots in before the trip in order to avoid blisters. If you are not able to train outdoors all type of cardio exercise in the gym is good. To get some extra stamina in your legs a stair master or equivalent is good.

What is included in the price?2015-05-02T03:54:17+00:00

All included equipment is of the highest quality from well-known brands as Hilleberg (tents), Haglöfs and Exped.
• 4-season tents from Hilleberg
• Warm sleepingbags from haglöfs
• Technical backpacks from Haglöfs
• Warm and soft sleeping pads from Exped
• Trekking poles
• All meals from breakfast the first day to breakfast the last day
• Plates, cups and cutlery
• Professional and great guides (at least 1 per five guests)
• Safety equipment (SPOT-tracker, satellite phone and first aid equipment)
• All common equipment such as kitchen and a group tent from Hilleberg.

Where do I start my trip and how do I get in contact with my guide?2015-05-01T05:48:36+00:00

When placing you booking you will receive an information package with all details about your trip. Your guide will contact you by email a couple of weeks before the trip to make sure that there are no questions unanswered.

You will meet up with your guides and the rest of the group at the mountain station of Abisko in the afternoon the day before we start our hike. We will then have a briefing of the trip where we will provide you with all necessary information, show you how the equipment works and divide the common equipment among the members of the group (mainly food). We will also talk about the present whether forecast as well as practice on setting up our tents as the next time we do this will be in the wilderness. In the evening we will have dinner together at the restaurant of the mountain station (which is included in the price).

What is your cancellation policy?2017-09-29T00:36:42+00:00

When placing your booking you will pay a booking fee of SEK 1,500. If cancelling you trip earlier than 40 days before the trip the booking fee not be refundable, if cancelled later than that no refunds will be made. You can read more about our cancellation policy as well as our terms and conditions on our Villkorssida.

Where can I leave luggage that I do not want to bring on the trek?2015-05-01T05:37:03+00:00

If you do our six day trip we will help you to send the luggage to Nikkaloukta so that you can pick It up there on arrival.

On our three day trip you can leave the luggage in Abisko.

How will the weather conditions be?2017-09-29T00:36:42+00:00

Good question! The weather in the Swedish mountains changes quickly. As Abisko and Nikkaloukta are situated north of the polar circle the evenings and nights are often quite cool. Rough weather with hard winds and heavy rains happens, why it is important to bring warm clothes. As a general rule we recommend you to bring clothing that will keep you warm and comfortable in a few degrees (centigrade), rain and heavy wind. Weather is usually not this bad but if you make sure to be comfortable in these conditions you will not be disappointed and be able to enjoy the week despite bad weather conditions.

A good summer day in Lapland the temperature can get up to 20 degrees Celsius, usually around 15. In these conditions we usually prefer walking in a t-shirt and pants.

What equipment do I need?2017-09-29T00:36:42+00:00

To come with us you need proper hiking boots, suitable clothes (including a rain jacket and pants), a headlamp, a water bottle and personal hygiene items.

When you place you booking you will receive this

Where do I stay the night before the trek begins?2015-04-30T12:35:41+00:00

We will have a gathering the night before we leave at Abisko mountain station (Abisko Turiststation) and we recommend you to book a room there. There are other places to stay in Abisko but using them you will have to walk a couple of kilometers to reach the mountain station.

Are all transports included?2015-11-04T13:18:12+00:00

You will have to arrange transportation to and from Kiruna. We will pick you up there before the trek and leave you there after the trek. You can take a flight, go by train or by bus to Kiruna. The train also stops in Abisko in which can we will meet you on the platform.

In our six-day Signature Trek trip we will travel a part by boat which is included.

What safety and first aid routines do you have?2015-04-30T12:29:47+00:00

Apart from a couple of kilometers at the beginning and at the end of each trek we will have no mobile phone coverage. Even though we will never be more than 20 kilometers from emergency phones located in shelters out in the wilderness we think it is important to be able to call for help from the mountain rescue should there be an accident. For this reason we always bring a satellite tracker, called SPOT, with an emergency function. The tracker will log our position continuously and have an emergency function which calls for a rescue team when used. We will demonstrate the SPOT for all participants so everyone knows how it works. We will also bring a satellite phone for emergencies. In addition we also carry a first aid kit with band aids and other useful things. At least one of your guides will also have an up-to-date Wilderness First Aid certification from NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute.

Can I come if I have never hiked before?2015-04-30T12:24:02+00:00

Absolutely! We expect no previous experience, hiking is physically challenging so you should have a fair physical condition in order to enjoy.

I am allergic or have a specific diet2015-04-30T12:22:16+00:00

If you have allergies or a specific diet please let us know when you place your booking. We will be able to meet you requirements in most cases. All participants will also be contacted before the tour in order to make sure that the food planned for the trip will work for everyone. If there is anything you cannot eat we will try to alter the menu as our aim is that everyone shall get tasty food during our trips.

Do you have an age limit?2015-04-30T12:18:29+00:00

Our hikes are primarily composed for adults why we recommend our customers to be above age 18. Should you have individuals younger than 18 please contact us and we will do our best to find a solution.